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Optimasi Penempatan Lokasi Access Point dengan Metode Simulated Annealing dan Trilateration (Studi Kasus: Universitas Budi Luhur)

by Hidayatul Ichwan, Mardi Hardjianto

Abstrak – Wireless technology, better known as Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi (Wirelles Fidelity) is a wireless connection that connects computer networks, such as mobile phones that use radio technology so that users can transfer data quickly and safely. The need for Wi-Fi is clearly visible, both at home, in offices, on campus, and business centers. Wi-Fi user traffic is getting higher, but the installation of Access Points is not right yet, many installed access points do not determine the distance between access points. Causes signal buildup with other access points and areas not covered by the access point or blankspot area. The number of improper access point installations is a problem, namely unstable Wi-Fi connections and many places that are not covered by Wi-Fi or blankspot signals. One of the methods used in determining the installation of an access point is to use the Simulated Annealing and Trilateration method. This study will discuss the optimization of the installation of access points using the trilateration method used to measure the distance between access points and Simulated Aneling is used to measure the strength of Wi-Fi signals. From the results of installing Access Points using the method of trialteration and simulated annealing can reduce the blankspot area and reduce the buildup of signals with other access points.


Data Mining untuk Memprediksi Jumlah Penjualan Hasil Pertanian Mengunakan Algoritma Forcasting (Studi Kasus: Dinas Pertanian Kabupaten Banggai)

by Dewi Puspa Lamondjong, Mardi Hardjianto

Abstrak – Data mining technology is very useful in helping predict the number of sales in finding very important information from their data. Data mining explored databases to find hidden patterns, forecast the number of sales which is very useful to support decision making, search for information in predicting what the regional government of Banggai Regency may not see or forget, because it is beyond their expectations. Automated analysis carried out by data mining answers questions on the number of food crops sales, wnamely rice, maize, soybeans and cassava which are sold well and if done in the traditional way requires a lot of time to answer them. The result of this model is to find information from the data on yields and the number of these food plants sales, then it can predict the amount of these crops sales that are sold and the local government can predict the yields of more serious food crops to improve their quality. In this study, to predict the amount of agricultural sales using a calculation method, namely linear regression, then the number output can determine how much the these food crops sales are sold, and will be used as evaluation material for local governments for each total sales of crop yields. It is expected that the model made in predicting the number of sales for each crop yield is in accordance with existing data.

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Komunikasi Budaya Kebudiluhuran melalui Kebijakan Inovasi Teknologi di Masa Pandemi COVID-19

by Umaimah Wahid, Wendi Usino, Nawiroh Vera, Mardi Hardjianto, Utomo Budiyanto

Abstrak – Perguruan Tinggi menghadapi perubahan drastis dalam proses belajar mengajar dari rumah di situasi COVID-19. Tujuan penelitian ini menganalisis kebijakan mengenai penciptaaan inovasi teknologi berbasis nilai-nilai kebudiluhuran dan menginterpretasikan komunikasi organisasi dalam pemanfatannya oleh Universitas budi Luhur di masa COVID-19. Penelitian ini menggunakan metode kualitatif dengan teknik pengumpulan data wawancara dan observasi. Subjek penelitian adalah pimpinan universitas yang bertanggung jawab merancang inovasi dan komunikasi dan objeknya adalah inovasi teknologi dan upaya komunikasi budaya di tengah pandemi COVID-19. Hasil penelitian menjelaskan bahwa Universitas Budi Luhur menciptakan delapan (8) inovasi yang sangat membantu proses perkuliahan dan kerja online, yaitu: 1) Sistem kuliah online 100 persen Online, 2) Menciptakan modul aplikasi untuk pengajuan keringanan pembayaran uang kuliah, 3) Aplikasi Rapat Online Monitoring Kegiatan Kampus, 4) Aplikasi keringanan SPP bagi calon mahasiswa baru yang terdampak COVID-19, 5) Aplikasi WFH untuk memantau pekerjaan selama WFH, 6) Application Programming Interface (API) untuk pembayaran uang kuliah kelas karyawan, biaya wisuda, sidang proposal dan tesis, 7) Aplikasi Sistem Monitoring Follow up calon mahasiswa baru, dan 8) Aplikasi Sistem pendaftaran online versi lite bagi guru-guru Bimbingan Konseling (BK) dalam mencari calon mahasiswa baru. Inovasi tersebut merupakan upaya kearifan luhur untuk mendukung kebijakan pemerintah sekaligus menjaga keberlangsungan kerja dan belajar mengajar dari rumah. Substansi penelitian ini memberikan kontribusi berupa rekomendasi kebijakan inovasi teknologi kepada perguruan tinggi lain dengan menerapkan komunikasi berbasis nilai-nilai kebudiluhuran agar memperlancar proses inovasi.


Peningkatan Kualitas Guru dengan Pelatihan Google Classroom sebagai Media Alternatif School From Home pada SMK Puspita Persada Jakarta Selatan

by Ahmad Pudoli, Mardi Hardjianto, Devit Setiono

Abstrak – The COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020 is causing major changes in community activities today. Starting from trade, economy, jobs as well as in the world of education. Schools must participate in preventing the spread of the COVID-19 virus by changing teaching patterns in accordance with the instructions of the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia, where teaching and learning activities are carried out from home. Puspita Persada Vocational High School participated in the success of the government program by changing the teaching pattern from home. However, because this instruction was given quickly, SMK Puspita persada has not prepared technically thoroughly in teaching and learning. Currently the teaching method is done using WhatsApp Group and email. Of course, this method still needs to be developed so that the delivery of teaching materials is more perfect. The purpose of this activity is to provide training using Google’s facility, Google ClassRoom, to improve the ability of teachers to deliver and deliver materials to the maximum and based on better technology. The method that will be done in this activity is face-to-face training (if possible) but still apply physical distancing in the presentation of the material. This method will be adjusted at the time of implementation in accordance with existing conditions. Based on Abdimas activities, it can be concluded that google classroom training provides tremendous benefits for teachers. Teachers are very enthusiastic and interested in using google classroom, teachers know applications that can be used as a learning medium, teachers can be easier to manage classes, save time, and give examples to students to maintain the environment by reducing paper use.


Prediction of Water Use Using Backpropagation Neural Network Method and Particle Swarm Optimization

by Afdhal Rizki Yessa, Mardi Hardjianto

Abstrak – Clean water production has not been well considered between the balance of water use by the community and the production of clean water that is in accordance with the needs of the community. Prediction of water use in meeting the daily needs of the community is very necessary in order to be able to produce efficient water. This research can help PDAM Kota in Kalimantan to be able to produce clean water in accordance with the use of clean water by the community. The Backpropagation Neural Network method focuses on the recapitulation of water use by the community. For better prediction results, optimization is done with Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO). It is expected that the results in this study can predict community water use in daily activities. The test results showed that the Prediction results had RMSE of 0.040 with parameters for training cycle 600 values, learning rate 0.1 and momentum 0.2, and neuron size was 3 and in particle swarm optimization population size 8, max. of gene 100, inertia weight value 0.3, the value of local best weight 1.0 and global value of best weight 1.0


Securing the Website Login System with the SHA256 Generating Method and Time-based One-time Password (TOTP)

by Iman Permana, Mardi Hardjianto, Kiki Ahmad Baihaqi

Abstrak – Security to enter a system has a very important role because as the main entrance to access data sources. But often lack the attention of the owners and managers of information systems. To reduce these weaknesses, one method that is widely used today is to use One-Time password, which is where the password we have becomes dynamic, meaning that at a certain time the password is always changing, the positive side is that it makes it difficult for others to steal our passwords because besides representative passwords that are difficult to understand and passwords are always changing. This study discusses One-Time Password installed on a mobile device where the password is randomized using a combination of two algorithms, namely SHA256 and Time-based One Time Password. The development of this login method can reduce the level of theft of passwords owned by users who are entitled to access information sources.


Implementasi Kriptografi Teks pada SMS Menggunakan Algoritme Multiple Encryption dengan Metode RSA dan 3DES

by Suci Indah Febriani, Safitri Juanita, Mardi Hardjianto

Abstrak – A short message service is a communication medium that is more preferred than voicemail. Currently, many people still use SMS because they have no platform or technology barriers, so the delivery is also fast. If you use a short message application, such as Whatsapp, it requires an internet connection. The sending of SMS contains important and confidential information. One example is the message about the time and place for drug raids or gambling. The problem is the security of information sent via SMS is quite vulnerable to information leakage. Therefore, an application is needed to secure these text messages from being read by unauthorized parties. This security uses multiple encryption with the Rivest Shamir Adleman (RSA) cryptographic algorithm and the Triple Encryption Data Standard (3DES). The implementation uses the Java programming language. Text messages that are confidential and important in the form of SMS have a maximum encryption length (ciphertext) of 60 characters. The purpose of this research is to secure and maintain the confidentiality of information sent and received via SMS from theft and manipulation of data by unauthorized parties. The test results in this research show that the implementation of text cryptography with multiple encryptions using the RSA (Rivest Shamir Adleman) algorithm and 3DES (Triple Encryption Data Standard) in the SMS security application can secure text messages when sent and received by parties who have rights.


Prototipe Pengenalan Wajah Dengan Algoritma Fisherface dan Viola-Jones Untuk Sistem Penguncian Pintu Mobil Berbasis Android

by Fadli Fairuz Ramadhan, Mardi Hardjianto

Abstrak – Peningkatan jumlah penduduk yang disertai dengan perekonomi Indonesia yang semakin membaik berpengaruh pada banyaknya kepemilikan kendaraan bermotor khususnya mobil. Peningkatan jumlah kepemilikan kendaraan bermotor diiringi dengan peningkatan persentase kejahatan seperti tindak pencurian kendaraan bermotor. Untuk meningkatkan keamanan mobil pada penelitian ini akan dibuat sebuah rancang model sistem penguncian pintu pada mobil dengan memanfaatkan pengenalan wajah dengan algoritma Fisherface dan Viola-Jones berbasis Android. Algoritma Fisherface merupakan kombinasi dari metode Fisher’s Linear Discriminant (FLD) dengan Principal Component Analysis (PCA). Prinsip dasar algoritma Fisherface adalah mereduksi dimensi menggunakan proyeksi linier. Algoritma Viola-Jones merupakan algoritma pendeteksian obyek yang terdiri dari tahapan, Haar-Like Features, Integral Image, Algoritma pembelajaran berbasis Adaptive Boosting (AdaBoost) dan kombinasi Cascade Of Classifiers. Pemilihan algoritma Fisherface dan Viola-Jones pada penelitian ini dikarenakan dari bebeapa penelitian sebelumnya perpaduan algoritma Fisherface dan Viola-Jones memiliki keunggulan seperti tingkat klasifikasi yang baik, performa yang baik, dan waktu pemrosesan yang lebih cepat. Dengan rancang model pengenalan wajah dengan algoritma Viola-Jones dan Fisherface untuk membuka dan mengunci pintu mobil berbasis Android, diharapkan dapat meningkatkan keamanan pada mobil serta kemudahan dalam pengaplikasiannya. Dari hasil percobaan didapatkan tingkat akurasi sebesar 90, 00%.