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Implementasi Kriptografi Teks pada SMS Menggunakan Algoritme Multiple Encryption dengan Metode RSA dan 3DES

by Suci Indah Febriani, Safitri Juanita, Mardi Hardjianto

Abstrak – A short message service is a communication medium that is more preferred than voicemail. Currently, many people still use SMS because they have no platform or technology barriers, so the delivery is also fast. If you use a short message application, such as Whatsapp, it requires an internet connection. The sending of SMS contains important and confidential information. One example is the message about the time and place for drug raids or gambling. The problem is the security of information sent via SMS is quite vulnerable to information leakage. Therefore, an application is needed to secure these text messages from being read by unauthorized parties. This security uses multiple encryption with the Rivest Shamir Adleman (RSA) cryptographic algorithm and the Triple Encryption Data Standard (3DES). The implementation uses the Java programming language. Text messages that are confidential and important in the form of SMS have a maximum encryption length (ciphertext) of 60 characters. The purpose of this research is to secure and maintain the confidentiality of information sent and received via SMS from theft and manipulation of data by unauthorized parties. The test results in this research show that the implementation of text cryptography with multiple encryptions using the RSA (Rivest Shamir Adleman) algorithm and 3DES (Triple Encryption Data Standard) in the SMS security application can secure text messages when sent and received by parties who have rights.