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Data Security Using LSB Steganography and Vigenere Chiper in an Android Environment

by Chyquitha Danuputri, Teddy Mantoro, Mardi Hardjianto

ABSTRACT – LSB steganography and Vigenere chiper methods are integrated in used for data security validation in this study. This approach used Arithmetic Coding method for data compression and data decompression. To maintain the authenticity of the data file, a hash function (SHA 256) technique was added. This paper presents a prototype called Ste-Chy as a proof of concept of the combination of these techniques. This approach helps the user in terms of the exchange of confidential data through an online share in Android-based media. For the confidential authentication purpose, the confidential message is hidden togetherwith the target image. The quality of the original image and stego images in this work produce an image picture in an acceptable level for the user. The bigger the secret of the message, the compression will produce higher compression ratio. With this approach, security process of exchange of confidential message shared through the online share smartphone is considerably secured especially in an android environment.